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Increase customer satisfaction and take the stress out of compliance with easy analysis, and immediate access to the full Health Claims applicable to your product.
Boost Your Sales!

  • Enhance your product promotion with ‘assured’ Health Claims
  • Easily innovate with high speed analysis
  • Powerfully communicate your products health benefits to your customers
  • Drive your sales with ‘Unique’ claims
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Enhance your product promotion with assured health claims

Quickly analyse your products/recipes and instantly see the 'source of' and health claims you can make. EU regulation (EC 1924-2006 & EC 1169-2011) compliant.

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Easily innovate with high speed analysis

Adjust your recipes and immediately see the additional claims you can make.

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Boost sales with clear communication

Access the claims you can make and improve them with our assured adapting service.

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Recommended daily intakes

You can also check the nutrition of your products against 8 RI’s (recommended daily intakes), from infants to seniors and tune your product for your market.

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Expand your market share

Stay a step ahead of your competitors with CheckYourNutrition’s unique health claim application service

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Work Anywhere is fully optimised for your tablet or smart phone

Food producers G's Fresh

G's Fresh: A Case Study

G’s Fresh is a vertically integrated grower-to-marketing organisation.

What sets them apart from others is that they manage the entire process from seed to shelf; via growing through to production and marketing.

When we met them they were looking to gain knowledge and understanding of nutritional content and potential health benefits of their core products.

“G’s has saved so much time with CheckYourNutrition as a nutritional database & is an invaluable tool for our new product development & innovations teams with all data available at the touch of a button. I would highly recommend anybody to use the system for such a low investment”

Darren Gedge - Group Technical Innovation Director BSc (Hons), MSc, FIFST

Food producers success

Opportunities For Success

“There is a tremendous opportunity for food manufacturers and retailers to lead a healthy movement by providing the products consumers want and need,”

Susan Dunn - Executive Vice President, Nielsen.

Nielsen 2015 Global Health and Wellness Report

  • 75% of global respondents believe they “are what they eat” and nearly 80% are actively using foods to forestall health issues and medical conditions.
  • Successful manufacturers and retailers will innovate and provide products that incorporate easy and convenient health solutions.

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