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The No.1 Nutrition Platform!

Out of 59 nutrition tools assessed*

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Nutrition Navigator Pro is the No.1* online software platform for nutrition professionals

  • Monitor your clients food diary to see where they need help
  • Create recipes and menu plans tailored to your clients needs
  • Give your clients private access to the platform
  • Set key actions for your client to complete
  • Adjust your clients RI settings
  • and more!

Features include:

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Quick recipe analysis

Ditch your clunky old fashioned analysis tool and analyse a recipe in minutes with the full ‘customised’ nutrition instantly displayed. Save time by editing any of the hundreds of recipes already on the site!

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All the ingredients you need

Over 1,900 ingredients with the full nutritional information and allergens displayed. An ingredient you need not there? No problem just add your own!

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Simply create unique menu plans

Planning personalised menus needn't be a chore. Effortlessly create nutrient dense menus, and see the full nutrition and allergens as you plan!

CheckYourNutrition Allergens

Stress free allergen identification

Take the stress out of finding allergens. Each recipe you create will have the allergens clearly displayed automatically

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Trouble-free food diary and reporting

Easily keep track of you and your clients’ nutrient intake with a simple food diary and traffic lights reporting

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Work anywhere is fully optimised for your tablet or smart phone

CheckYourNutrition Allergens

Add credibility

Brand CheckYourNutrition with your own logo to keep your business in the forefront of your clients mind

CheckYourNutrition Allergens

Easily communicate with your clients

Your clients have their own version of the site, where they can see your key actions, new menu plans, keep their food diary and more

CheckYourNutrition Allergens

Keep your clients up to date

Email your clients newsletters, new recipes and more with your branding straight from the site

The No. 1 Software Platform for Nutritionists!

In a recent review and evaluation of 59 software products for use by nutrition practitioners by Claire Evans for her Master of Science (MSc) degree, with CNELM and Middlesex University, was rated number 1.

Great savings for The Health Sciences Academy graduates

Save a massive 45% off the normal price!

Based on a £35/month Nutrition Navigator Pro account

Have any questions?

Q. Can my clients access the platform?

A. Yes, if you choose your clients can log on and see the key actions you have set for them, view recipes or menu plans you have shared with them, and add to their own food diary

Q. Is the nutrition information unique to each client?

A. Yes, you enter the age and gender which sets their Reference Intakes (RI)

Q. My client has special nutritional needs, can I change the RI amounts?

A. Yes, for each client you can change the RI amount for every nutrient

Q. Can I add more than 5 clients?

A. Yes, you will be able to add as many clients as you require

Q. What if I use a food that is not in the platform?

A. You can add your own ingredients into the platform

Q. Can I add my brand to the platform?

A. Yes, you can add your own logo that clients see when you log in or in emails from the platform

Q. Can I use the platform to communicate with my clients?

A. You can set Key Action for your client which displays on their home page and there is a Newsletter Creator you can use to communicate with them

Q. Can I use the platform for myself?

A. Yes, you have access to your own Food Diary and Reports so you can track your own nutritional intake