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Enhance Your Course & Student Experience!

CheckYourNutrition Universities Main
CheckYourNutrition Universities Banner is a simple to use, powerful nutritional resource, specifically tailored to enhance the teaching of Nutrition

  • Peace of mind with full student oversight
  • Quick recipe analysis and menu planning
  • Fully mobile and tablet enabled
  • Enhance your students practice with test and real clients
  • Make the application yours, branded with your logo and site labels
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Peace of mind with full student oversight

Monitor your students as they practice working with clients, create diet plans, oversee food diaries and customise daily intakes of nutrients

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Enhance your students practice

Students can work with demonstration clients for practice and real clients to consolidate their training, all overseen by you

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Simply create unique menu plans

Planning menus need not be a chore. Students can effortlessly create nutrient dense, allergen free menus, all tailored to any dietary requirement

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Quick recipe analysis

Students’ can analyse recipes quickly and easily with the full nutritional breakdown and allergens displayed in seconds

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Scientifically backed

The most up to date, regularly reviewed food composition data & nutritional science from McCance & Widdowson, the USDA, the National Academy of Sciences, the EFSA, the NCBI & more

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Work anywhere is fully optimised for your tablet or smart phone

Rated No.1 out of 59 nutrition tools tested!

CheckYourNutrition Universities Main

In a recent review and evaluation of software products for use by nutrition practitioners by Claire Evans for her Master of Science (MSc) degree, with CNELM and Middlesex University, was rated number 1 software product for nutritionists.

Having reviewed software products for use by nutrition practitioners, this study has found that usability of a software product (its ease of use), real time data entry, and a strong scientific basis are all required to recommend a software product for use. Of the available products, it is recommended that nutrition practitioners use where integration with exercise data is not a vital component to the practitioner.